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Egypt website development

Website Development Egypt

A website development in egypt with a web publishing tool, or CMS, allows you to control your website, its content and more. Although the price is substantially more then a brochure website in most cases, in the long term, it can save you much much more then the initial outlay.

By integrated our CMS into your web development you are able to edit all content on every page without assistance, add unlimited amounts of pages and sub pages to your site, with contact forms, calendars, photo galleries, members only sections, blogs and much more. In addition our CMS includes host of other user interactions, such as comments and social networking utilities, that will encourage your customers and other website users to engage your business in new ways, improving your brand recognition and potentially increasing your customer base by involving other communities such as facebook, twitter, digg and more.
eCommerce Website Design and Online Billing Systems
Online Bookings and Event Management
Custom Web Application Development
SEO Consultation and Training

    * our websites are flexible and offer lower cost of maintenance compared to template or large enterprise website solutions
    * our websites can be easily redesigned or re-branded, and at a fraction of the initial setup project cost
    * they attract a higher rank in the search engines
    * our websites are fast
    * they are easy to maintain, powered by Site Manager (our content management system 'CMS')
    * our websites will work on all popular web browsers and devices such as the iPhone

Technical characteristics

    * open source PHP web development technology
    * accessible, performance driven, portable and secure
    * W3C standards based programming

Our web developers are always keeping an eye out for new open source widgets and plugins and discoveries are quickly shared with the rest of the team on our intranet. Through constructive dialogue and after thorough testing, we are able to offer our clients advanced website and content management features - and improve the experiences of their customers online.