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Logo Design Egypt

Logo Design Egypt

Sure, we all know the importance of the company's logo as a  dress for success, but what's the one thing your business is always wearing?  Your logo. It's the centrepiece of your branding. Without a professional logo design your business may be coming across as severely underdressed. Want to take action? Make sure your logo design makes a strong, positive impact so you'll always put your best foot forward. Follow through with matching stationery, business cards, and graphic design and you'll make your business presentation seamless. After all, you only get the chance to make that first impression once.

Your logo, the symbol of your business, is almost all your brand recognition among customers. It represents who you are and what you do. Your logo is the core of your business image and has huge influence on your advertising and marketing. Your logo should be clean and simple. It should stand the test of time, reflecting your company’s focus now and in the future. So although it may only seem like a small item to think about when starting a business, it can make a huge impact on your brand.

Herrick Graphics specialise in original logo design. We put ourselves in your shoes by researching your company, it’s industry, your services, business objectives and customers in order to develop a logo design that is right for you and your target audience. We use this information, along with any requests you might have, to make a number of logo design concepts. We then ask for your feedback and requests in order to make any appropriate changes and revisions. By keeping you in the loop, any ideas you may have for your company’s’ image come to life at every stage of the logo design process.

Our logo packages are at fixed, competitive prices that are accessible for any business budget. All our logo design packages are emailed to you ready to use. You will receive various files containing your logo for use on the web, print media and artwork files for future designs, in vector and pdf formats, all in colour and black and white variations.